1st edition Holistic Festival Naturist Club Parco del Gargano

Sat. July 23 Sat. July 30 2022

The Festival

The very first season of the Holistic Festival at Naturist Club Parco del Gargano. A special occasion for the club’s guests, to celebrate, meditate, and discover new depths of inner self while breathing in the magic of the peaceful centuries old forrest, surrounding Parco del Gargano.

Experience the serenity of the morning, afternoon and evening activities, soak in the sun and relax with a couple massage, or enjoy one just for yourself.

Things to bring: yoga mat, meditation cushion, beach towel or sheet, eye patch and massage oil.

Have fun engaging with others from the heart’s inner space, all while exploring and discovering your very own space.

Here at Parco Naturista del Gargano we are excited to offer the very first Project Festival and look forward to host many more in the years to come.


Among the various activities, the festival program will include:

  • Meditation
  • Kundalini Yoga
  • Belly Laugh Yoga
  • World Dance
  • Biodanza
  • Tetrality
  • Creative painting
  • Tantra
  • Bio energy
  • Co-Ed Circles
  • Socialization practice and exercises

The Team

Our 6 team facilitators, are professional counselors with many years of experience in various areas of the Holistic practice.



Ajeet Chand




The places of the festival

Join us at the Buddha Hall under the centuries old pine trees at Parco Naturista del Gargano, framed by the Adriatic Sea, and The Foresta Umbra, enjoy the wild life and experience the spectacular crystal clear Lesina and Varano Lakes.

Kid and Teen

Travel ZERO Kilometers to find fresh, organic, local cuisine, leave your worries behind, relax and disconnect by the pool, rejuvenate your body with a massage.

Children and teens are encouraged to participate to some of the activities with parental supervision.


All participants at the events of the Project Festival, must purchase the Enjoy Card – prices are listed in the chart below.
Book by May 31st and enjoy a discount!

Please Note: Day pass or overnight stay at Parco Naturista del Gargano is not included in the ticket purchase price. Reservations must be made directly with Parco Naturista Del Gargano. To book Campsites for tents Campers, cabins, and bungalows.
www. naturistgargano.it. For any inquiries please email: info@naturistgargano.it. Only afternoon 40. All values are in Euros.

Holistic Festival Naturist Club Parco del Gargano

Reservations – Contacts and info Festival:


  • 329 731 1450 Lila
  • 329 731 7632 Prem

Email: lp@lilaeprem.com

Reservations – Contacts- GPS- address Camping Parco naturista Del Gargano, 71018 Ischitella, Italia

Email: info@naturistgargano.it
Tel: (+39) 338 7039040

Organization: Lila e Prem
With the collaboration of: Francesca, Deepak, Ajeet Chand, Norbert and Naturist Club Parco del Gargano.